#1 – Introducing myself

06/06/2011 § 2 Comments

Picture: Saint Morrissey.

Hallo there!
I’m 24, italian and gay. I live in Milan but I was born in Cagliari, Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, by someone believed to be Atlantis. I’m in a four-year relationship with a girl who’s one year older than me and who’s from Milan, but we don’t (as you may think, as everybody thinks) live together. Not yet, at least.  just completed a Master’s degree in Italian linguistic and literature and am now looking for a job, which means I’ve a lot of time this days. Though I’m definitely both lazy and dyke, I’m not a lazy dyke as in the blog’s title. The expression, a quote from Morrissey’s song All the lazy dykes, refers to gay girls who do nothing to change the current situation,
as there are many in Italy nowadays.I don’t know how much you know about the gay situation in our country, but
it won’t take me long to explain it to you. Gay people have:
1. no marriage;
2. no civil partnership;
3. no rights, such
as the right to visit your partner in hospital, keep the house where you’ve lived together, etc…;
4. no right to adopt (nor have single parents)
5. no medically assisted procreation;
6. no aggravating circumstance for hate crimes (i.e. homophobia).
As you can see, the situation is pretty bad, especially  if you compare it to the rest of Europe. There are several reasons for that. Just to mention a few: Italian politicians, the Pope, and the widespread ignorance of people. And we, the gay community, must fight for ourselves, because nobody is going to stand up for us. And, as the subtitle says, it’s now or never (which is also a quote, from Elvis this time, but you probably know that already).
For three years, my girlfriend and I have been writing an Italian blog, (All the beauty you’ll ever need). It’s about lesbians, lesbian issues, Italian politics, and all the stuff we could think of in relation to that, but we started feeling slightly limited by the language, and thought that English would allow us to reach a wider audience. Here we are then, that’s pretty much all you have to know about us.

– S.


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§ 2 Responses to #1 – Introducing myself

  • LaVero says:

    Best of luck with this new blog! I love ‘all the beauty’ I’m pretty sure I will love ‘all the lazy’ !

  • g says:

    i love your “all the beauty” blog, please keep this one posted as well! and have you ever thought about creating a twitter account? i hate it but have to admit it’s great for promoting websites and spreading the word on any kind of stuff…

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