#3 Candy bar girls

08/16/2011 § Leave a comment

Britons are subjects of the Queen, true, but when it comes to tv programmes, it looks like they don’t want to be second to anyone. While in LA they’re busy shooting The Real L Word, in London they’re putting together Candy Bar Girls. CBC is a reality show/documentary/who-knows-what-the-intensions-were, set -guess where?- but in a lesbian bar, namely Candy Bar.
Obviously Candy Bar it’s not just ANY bar, but THE bar, and women who go there are not just common lesbians, but THE lesbians; well dressed, tattooed, with the right arty/creative jobs, etc… (please welcome the new L stereotype!). Anyways… twelve girls, more or less pretty, who hang out/work in said bar, the same old lesbian drama (only, in a British accent. An adorable British accent) lots of alcohol (seriously, TONS of alcohol. If we gathered together Candy Bar Girls and characters from The Real L Word we could set up an anonymous alcoholic group), slower pace and duller stories than TRLW, the main goal being that of showing real lesbians, with real lives, and no clichés…just a little spicier, of course.
Here and here you can find what The Most Cake said about it.
Would anyone from London kindly confirm that The Candy Bar is currently THE place to be?


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