It’s good to be gay if it pays your way

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There’s no doubt that The Real L Word was a manna from heaven for that bunch of girls who managed to make a profit out of being gay.
I must admit, I admire them, especially those who, like Romy, were able to make the most of their fleeting fame and obtained some TV appearances while also making profitable contacts with people such as Ilene Chaiken.
And look at her now, dressed like Waldo in Where’s Waldo?, mocking all that’s been said about her and about the lesbian stereotypes TRLW has contributed to construct and circulate (i.e. you’re all a bunch of haterslet’s have strap-on sex; the line of exes is better not to piss off, because, as Romy says, anyone is about to be your ex, and, last but not least,dreadlocks are the new black, baby) and making lots of money out of it!
As Geco has rightly pointed out, they should call the next piece I need I need I need and they’ll make a splash!
In comparison, we must admit, Whitney’s clubbing habits are just stuff for beginners.
(Whitney who is, by the way, the big absent in this video, where even Rachel makes an appearance, looking all happy and settled in L.A.)
Well, I may be naïve or overtly optimistic but I like the self-irony of it, and I wholeheartedly approve!

#3 Candy bar girls

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Britons are subjects of the Queen, true, but when it comes to tv programmes, it looks like they don’t want to be second to anyone. While in LA they’re busy shooting The Real L Word, in London they’re putting together Candy Bar Girls. CBC is a reality show/documentary/who-knows-what-the-intensions-were, set -guess where?- but in a lesbian bar, namely Candy Bar.
Obviously Candy Bar it’s not just ANY bar, but THE bar, and women who go there are not just common lesbians, but THE lesbians; well dressed, tattooed, with the right arty/creative jobs, etc… (please welcome the new L stereotype!). Anyways… twelve girls, more or less pretty, who hang out/work in said bar, the same old lesbian drama (only, in a British accent. An adorable British accent) lots of alcohol (seriously, TONS of alcohol. If we gathered together Candy Bar Girls and characters from The Real L Word we could set up an anonymous alcoholic group), slower pace and duller stories than TRLW, the main goal being that of showing real lesbians, with real lives, and no clichés…just a little spicier, of course.
Here and here you can find what The Most Cake said about it.
Would anyone from London kindly confirm that The Candy Bar is currently THE place to be?

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