#4 Gia Carangi: A thing of beauty

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Getting to know Gia, understand her somehow, is a long, painful and yet wonderful experience. It’s probably a cliché, but you don’t know a thing if you have just seen the movie (1998, HBO, with Angelina Jolie). She was something different, and the movie (and Angelina) haven’t show it at all. Maybe it was impossible, I don’t know.
Anyway, you should really read “A thing of beauty” by Stephen Fried, not only because of all the details about Gia’s life he could tell, but also because of the incredible portrait of the high fashion world of the early ’80s in New York that he gave. It was a crazy world where people lived too fast and die too soon, where drug use (and abuse) was anything but an exception.
It was probably nothing different than the music scene nowadays, or the cinema business, but I never really got interested in high fashion before so what I knew was close to nothing.

For those of you who don’t know who Gia was I can only say that she was an incredibly beautiful girl who had been a supermodel for part of her life (somebody says she was the first supermodel ever), an addict, a lesbian, a rocker (she never really played, but she definitely had the spirit) and, above all, a lost girl.
You can see some of her pictures here.

#2 – Gay June and full summer

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That’s it. Gay June is over and after a Film Festival, two Pride parades and some shit at work, here I am, feeling blue and nostalgic. A month ago I was excited and thrilled by all the things to come, now all I can think about is that it’s too hot, too late and yet too soon. It’s still 6 months to Christmas and a whole year until the next Gay June, and though I’ve only been working for barely a month, I’m already bored and fed up. But, as my new mantra says: “I cannot change it, but time will”, so I keep looking forward, and also backward, sometimes.
So let’s talk about that great month that June has been.
The Mix Festival (GLBT film festival of Milan) was awesome. I’ve seen most of it thanks to my press pass (I would never be able to afford it otherwise) and most of it was worth seeing. I especially liked the short films (which were from all over the world and all really well made), but also the documentaries. If I had to recommend one only, it’d be “We were here”, of Dadiv Wiessman, an incredibly touching and really really good documentary about the spread of HIV virus in San Francisco during the Seventies and the Eighties.
The movies didn’t really touched me as much. I’ve seen and liked “The night watch” and “Gigola”, but I’ve also seen “Break my fall” and “Camminando verso”, and they were someway beyond ok.
I’ve been in Rome for the Europride parade and it was disappointing. I mean: Where was Europe in the Europride? Maybe my expectations were too high, but that’s how I felt. It was badly organized, everybody spoke italian, there were no political discussion and it all revolved around Gaga’s presence. Not good.
Milan Pride parade, on the contrary, was amazing. You really felt part of something, of a joyful community that is united and sometimes even powerful. People smiled and danced with you, exchanged beers and flags and fooled around. And a lot of straight people were walking with us or standing right outside the parade, dancing and supporting our cause.
Now it’s full summer, it’s too hot to think and, for some reasons, I cannot wait for September to come.
I can’t even find a good movie on the telly.

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